Camino Packs Ready To Go

by johnandterri


One of the hardest thing we have had to do in preparation for the Camino is to get everything we bring into a pack weighing somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 lbs! We have struggled to find just the bare minimum we will need. Both Terri and I are always carrying so much stuff with us normally as we travel in our van and we always say just throw it in we might need it. Obviously this is not going to work for a 500 mile walk!


After much soul searching we are now ready to go and both of our packs are near our 20 pound target and I am almost sure we will be dumping some of what we have at some point along the way. I in particular really struggled to get to weight with all my camera gear! But this is all part of the lessons the Camino is going to teach us I am sure!


Buen Camino!


John and Terri