A Very Very Long Tiring Day

by johnandterri



Ok we made it! One very long day, hardest day we will do on entire Camino! Started our walk in the dark with headlamps at a little past 6am and got into our planned destination city, Roncesvalles at 5pm. We are not the fastest walkers so it takes us longer. Saw AMAZING early morning views as we climbed and climbed and climbed out of St Jean Pied Port. We walked by full moon and saw an absolutely amazing sunrise with fog covering the valley below. Breathtaking panoramas! I was in “seventh heaven” taking pano shots every where!

Did, I mention breathtaking? We were sucking a lot of air it was a very, very long climb and it took us most of the day to get to the top of the pass. We ended up traveling 16 miles and over 4000 feet! The hardest part was reaching the top of the pass and then having to descend back down another 1600 feet on some very wobbly legs! Still can not believe we did it; not bad for a couple of “old geezers”!

We won't ever forget this day soon. So many memories of this amazing day. Watch for some great landscapes from Blue Skies Photography coming when I return home!

Terri and I are so tired but filled with so much joy to share of this experience!

Buen Camino!