One Million Steps

by johnandterri


Today we have just finished one week of the Camino. We did 15 miles and started our walk in the dark at 6:30am and walked in the dark for an 1 hour. We arrived in Los Arcos at our Albugue at 3:30 after almost 9 hours of walking. Another long day of walking; at least the weather was cooler today. We have been walking in some very hot temperature (80F or hotter).

We have come to realize after one week we are over weight on our packs and we are going to need to lighten them if we are going to make this walk to Santiago. The long days take so much out of us. We figured out that the Camino is over 1 million steps! We have a lot more steps to to do! We are in good shape over all with our feet and legs but our packs are really slowing us down. We need to do something. We will be shipping home some of the things we do not think we will need in the next day.

Buen Camino!

John and Terri