Village After Village

by johnandterri


One of the very special aspects of the Camino is the large number of small “Villas” or Villages that you walk through or stay the night in the during the walk. We estimate that by the time we complete the Camino we will have walked through almost 100 small villages. The Camino seems to weave from one little village to another and almost always comes into the village at the Church of the town. In fact many of the Albergues you stay the night at are associated with and near the Church. Every small village has a church and it is amazing how beautiful they are! Even at the villages as small as 50 people.

Many of the little villages are existing today only due to the commerce of all the pilgrims that walk through their town each day. It always seems that when we need some water or bano's or a a bite to eat there is some “cute little village” appearIng on the horizon in the nick of time. Walking the paths and roads one gets very used to the comforting idea that there is a village just over the horizon waiting to serve our needs.

We never seem to tire of the sight of the next little village as it appears in the distance with its Church steeple and bells and the respite for just what we need. Oh, how special is the Camino path with its quaint scenic villages!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri