It Is An Endurance Test

by johnandterri

I was telling Terri that I thought the Camino is the ultimate “Endurance Test”. I told her that in the engineering field when a company engineers a new piece of equipment to sell, they will run the new piece of equipment through a battery of testing. A large part of the testing regime is performance tests to see if it works ok under all the different operating conditions and environments it will see during its use. After these sets of tests are complete there is often a set of tests run to prove that the equipment can have a long life.

Walking the Camino is an “Endurance Test”. It uncovers all the little flaws. That “old football injury” comes back to haunt you. New problems you never had before crop up (blisters or hip problems), they begin to surface and become real problems that you have to deal with. We have seen several folks that have had to call it quits and go home. Some just decide to take the bus for a while till they heal up some. Some have sent their heavy packs ahead and walk only with small back packs. Others decide to walk in their alternate shoe wear (sandals or tennis shoes).

What we have seen so far is that the Camino finds all the flaws just like a good endurance test does. So far we have been ok with the flaws uncovered. We are limiting our total mileage to about 20 to 25 km each day. Terri has found a good way to manage her blisters which are getting better each day. I found the magic of “Anica gel” for my “old calf injury”. We remain on track so far. We will see how it goes though. This is a very difficult test on our “old bodies”.

Buen Camino!

John and Terri