The Endless Road

by johnandterri

Today we walked most of the day on the “Old Roman Road” that was built 2000 years ago and has been walked on for all these years. The amazing thing about the road we walked on today is that it is estimated that it took 100,000 tons of rock to raise the substrata to above the winter flood levels. What is crazy is that all that rock had to be brought in from somewhere far away since there was no source of rock nearby! It is very strange to walk on this road knowing this.

The other hard thing about walking this road is how monotonous and boring it is to walk all day on a flat straight road. We are now at the half way point of our walk and we are so excited and feel so happy to have made it this far but the last 5 days of walking have really been weighing us down. We have walked 5 full days now on flat level ground and you can see nothing for miles. There is very little shade as well. It has truly tested our resolve for walking this Camino. We have decided to do one more day of this “Meseta” walking and then head in the big city of Leon for some rest before we tackle the last 2 weeks which are going to be some of the most scenic section of the entire Camino. We are both very excited to get off this “Meseta” and on to the next region!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri