by johnandterri

Today was a very hard day again as Terri was not well when we started and walked all day with a headache on top of that she has a very sore ankle. We started out in the dark and rain with all our rain gear and even had trouble finding the route in the dark and had to back track a couple of times till we were on the Camino path. It was a hard start to our day of walking.

I can not believe how much determination and grit Terri had today. She is one “tough cookie”! She definitely had on her “big girl panties” as she likes to say. It got me thinking about the folks that walk the the entire Camino in one shot,like we are doing over 5 to 6 weeks. Anyone doing this way needs to have incredible determination and grit to endure such a long and difficult journey. It is not for anyone that does not have that “true grit”.

We heard a statistic from a fellow pilgrim that really surprised us. He told us he heard from two different sources so maybe it is true. He said that only 11% of the pilgrims that start off in St Jean Pied de Port with the intent to walk the 500 miles to Santiago ever make it to Santiago. 11%! That is hard to believe but as we go along and see how difficult this walk is I guess it might be true. All we know is whoever finishes this 500 mile walk in the 5 to 6 weeks have some “real determination” and “grit”!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri