A Day of Rest

by johnandterri

Today Terri and I took our first full day of rest since we started the Camino. We have taken a few short days of rest but not a full day. Both of us were really ready for this day off from walking the Camino. We have been walking for over 3 weeks without a full day off. I am not sure this was a very good plan! I was reading a book called Sabbath by Wayne Muller and read this section last night. It really speaks to this idea of the importance of rest.

“When we live without listening to the timing of things—when we live and work in twenty-four-hour shifts without rest—we are on war “time, mobilized for battle. Yes, we are strong and capable people, we can work without stopping, faster and faster, electric lights making artificial day so the whole machine can labor without ceasing. But remember: No living thing lives like this.”

Terri's ankle is giving her a lot of pain right now. We are going to try and listen to our bodies better from now on so we can hopefully make it all the way to Santiago! Tomorrow we are going to try walking without her pack. We will ship it ahead to the Albergue we are staying at tomorrow night. We are hopeful this “rest from the pack” will be just what she needs to be able to continue.


Oh, how thankful we are today for our day of rest here in Leon! A great city to spend time in with so much great history. We even splurged and had a very special dinner tonight at the famous Parador Hotel and restaurant (see picture above)!


Buen Camino!


John and Terri