Longing For Silence

by johnandterri

One of the interesting experiences of the Camino is the very long periods of time one has walking in silence. When we walk all day, there are lots of time when Terri and I do not talk to each other. We are both lost in our own thoughts and in the beautiful countryside we are often walking through. There is something very special about this experience of silence.

As I mentioned, I am reading a book by Wayne Muller called “Sabbath”. He talks about the experience of going on a hike without talking with the others on the hike but just being in nature and observing everything you see , hear and feel. I will quote from his book since it summarizes well what we have been going through.

“This kind of silence alters perception. We see differently in silence, when we are not expected to comment, analyze or respond. The Buddhist precept of Right Speech includes the refraining from speaking words that are not necessary. Things find their way deeper into our body when we are not in such a hurry to spit them back out. Mother Teresa said, “God is the friend of silence.” Things are born in quiet that cannot be heard in the din of our overly verbal days.”

We are so thankful for this special “Camino Silence” we have enjoyed!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri