by johnandterri

At some point, anyone that writes a Camino Blog has to write something about the places that we spend the night in each night; the Albergues. They are like youth hostels if you have ever stayed in one. Before this trip, Terri and I had never stayed in a hostel. We are now veterans after having spent many a night sleeping, eating, showering and generally living together with our fellow Camino walkers.

The best way to describe it is Like anyone that has grown up in a large family in a home with one bathroom. Our Son-In-Law's Dad, Jack, grew up in the Boston area and he was one of 9 siblings. They lived in a single home with one bathroom! I was also raised in a single home with one bathroom and 5 other siblings. Being raised like this, you quickly learn the importance and value of a considerate sibling that takes a quick shower. You have to share “your space”; there is no other choice. You really learn to share and to give to others in this situation and most of all you learn about being patient. It is not an instant on demand situation.

This is what it is all about when you stay at an Albergue. There are folks you are sharing the limited bathrooms/showers, living space and washing and drying clothes space. It is really about sharing, giving and being patient. Forget about any real personal space. You get used to it because we are all in this together.

It is what you do when you do the Camino. It is what doing the Camino is all about!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri