It Is the “little things”

by johnandterri

One thing that the Camino does for you is to help you appreciate the “little things” each day that come your way. You quickly recognize and give thanks for each one. It might be the little “Las Brisas” (wind) that blows across your face and neck on that very hot afternoon that just seems to never end. It might be having a place to stay one night where they have hot showers (water has not run out) and space for putting your pack next to your bed. It might be the nice little cafe at the first stop of the day that has actual soap and a paper towel too boot to wash your face. The list goes on and on.

We become so used to our “creature comforts” and the “little graces” that come to us so easily it is easy to take them for granted. What the Camino does is reduce things down to the very basics of life. You begin to realize how much we have and take for granted.

We hope when we return that we don’t forget these lessons of the “little things” we have so appreciated!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri

P.S. Just a quick report on our progress. We now have only about 11 or 12 days left of walking! It is going to go fast now. Terri’s ankle is still very sore and we are managing this carefully each day by trying to cut back on the miles we do each day. She is walking now only with a small fanny pack and that has helped. We have one more big mountain range yet to cross though. The terrain now is getting very scenic and the temperatures are getting cooler! Continue to pray for us as we are now entering our last stages and we are hoping to stay as healthy as we can now!