The Perfection Is In The Repetition

by johnandterri

One thing about walking the Camino that you find is the power of “the ritual”. Ritual is important in our lives. We need ritual. Being a parent you find out quickly how important establishing “ritual” is to a healthy family life. We need ritual to keep on us on an even keel. I also saw this as a manager at Boeing. It was important to have some things you could always count on being there and providing a foundation.

As I have mentioned previously there is a real rhythm you find yourself immersed in walking the Camino. The “Camino Ritual” is about doing the very basics you need in life (washing yourself and your clothes, eating, walking and sleeping). The power of ritual is in the repetition.

“Ritual is meant to be repeated. We are not suppose to do it right the first time, and then be done with it. We are not suppose to do it better each year until we get it perfect. This year's Easter does not have to be new and improved, more dramatic and moving than last year's. The perfection is in the repetition, the sheer ordinariness, the intimate familiarity of a place known because we have visited it again and again, in so many different moments.” (Sabbath by Wayne Muller)

We have been lifted up and helped each day through our long journey through the “power of ritual”. We are thankful for it each day.

Buen Camino!

John and Terri