Camino de Santiago

The End Of Our Journey Is Fast Approaching

Whenever one takes a good vacation, as the end of the vacation approaches you often don’t want it to end. You are often having so much fun you would like it to go on. You kind of savor each moment a bit more near the end. Since we are now only 4 days from the end, it is starting to hit both Terri and I now that our journey is about to be complete. We have talked about it and we both do have some mixed emotions. Since it has been such a long journey and for Terri a painful one each day now as she limps along with her sore ankle, seeing it end is not all bad. We do long to sleep in our own bed (we have slept in a different bed every night now for over a month!)

But as as they say, “all good things must come to an end”. Our journey to Santiago must end as well now. I found myself savoring each of the moments today. It was a beautiful walk today in some of the most perfect rural farm country scenery. It was throughly enchanting all day long. I know these last days we have left will be a special joy for us as we take our time to enjoy each moment of the rest of this journey.

We are also very excited as well to get to Santiago and celebrate together with everyone we have shared this journey with. We are expecting to spend a couple days there and hoping to reunite with some of the folks we have lost track of during the last several weeks. We are expecting we will shed a few tears before it is all over!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri


Take A Walk In The Park

One of the best medicines I can recommend to you for whatever might be ailing you is to “take a walk in the park”. We have enjoyed a month now of taking a “walk in the park”. Each day is something different. Each day there is a surprise. Wherever you may live, take a walk in a park. Visit it regularly, it will do you wonders.

Walking day after day, all day long, over and over in the quiet and beauty of nature has a way of stirring the best of who we are. We find the best of ourselves. We find how we are connected to each other.

Nature has a way to stir in us something special and fill us up. It is so amazing! You find you can not get enough. Some days have been harder than others when you walk this far. It is not all pleasant. Sometimes it is a slog and we have walked through some pretty ugly areas. Then after a while you come to some special landscape or scene that takes your breath away. You are swept up. The air is pure, the birds sing more beautiful than ever and your heart soars.

Don't forget the beauty of a walk through a park!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri