by johnandterri

We went to the “end of the world” today – Finisterre. It is the official end of the Camino walk – 0.0km. We took a guided tour bus to the “end of the world”. You see this is the way the majority of the Pilgrims do it. Once you arrive at the Santiago Cathedral and get your “Compostela” (official paperwork validating you have walked the Camino), there is not much desire to walk the rest of the 4 or 5 days more to Finisterre on the Atlantic Ocean shore.

It was raining sideways almost all day and we were so glad to be not walking! What a great way to finish our Camino by traveling to the beautiful Spainish coast and finishing it all at the “end of the world”. Eating the fresh seafood caught fresh from the Atlantic Ocean was also pretty special!

We learned so much about the wonderful people of Galacia. This region of Spain is one that many of us who live in the Pacific Northwest would identify with especially regarding the climate and the beautiful ocean shoreline. They also have a lot of Celtic influence in their culture. We learned about many of the ancient legends and beliefs of this region that included good and bad witches and the souls of those ancestors that still walk the earth today!

Terri and I throughly enjoyed not walking today and being a tourist!

John and Terri