500 Miles and 5 Minutes

by johnandterri

20140920-Najera-Santo-10-10-3As many of you probably know I have been a Seattle Seahawk season ticket holder since 1976 and so it would only be fitting that I have something to say in the Camino blog this week in regards to “The Miracle at the Clink” last week. It was truly one of the most astounding and inspiring football games I have ever witnessed. It has been so much fun all week reliving the memories of the game last week with family and friends. Everyone loves to tell their story of where they were watching the game and what they were feeling during the historic comeback from being down 19-7 with 5 minutes to go after the 4th interception by Green Bay. It all seemed so lost at that point and yet this team never gave up and they trusted, supported and believed in each other. A hallmark of the Seahawk character.

I know it seemed that this amazing Seahawk comeback was truly an impossible task. That was the thinking that Terri and I had initially when we first started thinking about walking 500 miles. We were both very aware of how difficult a challenge we were facing. In fact, it was not uncommon that during some of the difficult times we faced on the walk to doubt ourselves and begin to wonder what we were doing. It was such a long distance to walk. Looking back now on it we can see how our preparation we put in helped us so much and we had a very strong desire to see it to completion. Terri, in particular, was faced with even more of a challenge to finish than I did. She was in pain the last half of the Camino from the stress fractures in her ankle and foot. Much like the end of the NFC Championship game, where Richard Sherman gutted out the last quarter with a hyper extended-elbow and played with one arm, Terri also gutted it out to the end. She and Richard had no quit in their game. They were going to finish it to the end. It takes guts, determination and strong will to finish and never give up.  It also takes the love and support of family and friends and fellow Camino pilgrims to get through the really difficult times and what appears to be impossible situations we may face.

We all have and are going to be faced with challenges that seem impossible. Let’s take some of our inspiration from the example we saw last weekend and always prepare ourselves the best we can for what we will face and never give up and always support each other all the way to the end!