Growth Through Our Failures

by johnandterri

20141006-Traba-O'Cebr-139-2It is a tough day today in “Seahawk Land” after yesterday’s Super Bowl loss. It was a bitter loss, especially when you consider how close we got to winning the Super Bowl. The loss had me remembering a thought provoking article on the subject of human maturity and growth. The article has a great quote from a renowned Polish psychiatrist named Kamir Dabrowski. He postulated that “we grow by breaking down, by being driven to our knees through various crises which forces us to move beyond our mediocre habits and immaturities”. The article goes on to explain that for most of us we grow not through our successes but through our failures. We often grow arrogant in our successes.

I know for Terri and I, walking the Camino, we sure experienced some “breaking down and in some cases literally being driven to our knees” as we faced some of our “Camino crosses”. We both can say it moved us out of our comfort zone and pushed us into new areas of growth in our lives. The Camino has a way of doing that to folks. I know that some folks walk the Camino because they may have recently faced a true crisis or a significant loss at home and are searching for answers. I would dare to say most folks find those answers in the growth they experience in the long slow walk of the Camino. The Camino gives them the time to process their losses and grow.

The Seattle Seahawks have had an unbelievable run of success over the last 2 years in reaching the Super Bowl two years in a row. It is a very special time for all the Seahawk fans. Maybe this heart aching Super Bowl loss is good for us. It will help us all to grow in good ways and not grow arrogant in our success!