Our Memory Photo Books

by johnandterri

Our Family Picture - 2013-2

This past year I have had some discussion with family and friends on what things last over generations. What really gets passed down to our next generation and beyond.  What becomes of those the things we see so much value in now. Will they still be in the family 2 or 3 or 4 generations from now? I realized when I thought about this deeper that this list of “things” that might get passed along from one generation to the next is probably a very small list.

What I concluded is that likely the only “things” that will pass along to the next generations are those “things” that are cherished shared family “things”. If it is something I really value but no one else shares my feelings for it than likely it is going to end up at Value Village at some point.

So with this thinking in mind, I wanted to do something that lasted and that might be cherished and passed along to future generations. I realized that one area I could do a lot better was to make something lasting from all the photos I have taken over the years at our many family gatherings.

A wonderful family tradition that we started up 12 years ago was to rent a beautiful home in Manzanita Beach, Oregon each year and spend a long 3 day weekend with my siblings and their spouses. I decided that having all those wonderful pictures I took sitting on a computer or a website was not the best way to go. This past two weeks I have put together a beautiful coffee table book of some of these most special memories we have created. This I think is the kind of thing that might last. They will likely still be special to our children’s children as much as they are to us now. Who knows they may continue this same tradition in their family when we are gone!

This also got me thinking about our wonderful Camino experience and how special of a shared memory this was for Terri and I. I know that this blog has gone a long way towards recording down some of the memories and pictures from the trip  but I again I don’t think that is enough. I have decided to create a special coffee table type book of our story of the Camino as well. Now I have my work cut out for me on this one!

So my hope is that I may have inspired you as well today to consider what are those “lasting things” that will be cherished family memories. Maybe it is time for that photo book as well for you!