Take It Slow

by johnandterri


One of the important lessons from walking the Camino we learned was the importance of going slow to get the full value of the Camino experience. I mentioned this in one of my early blog posts after about a week of walking. It has been a good lesson that I have been trying to keep in mind since returning from the Camino.

When we were planning and preparing for the Camino, a few people told us jokingly that we could simply take a car or bus and cover the entire 5 week walk in one day. So why walk? After experiencing the slow immersion of walking through a country, Terri and I can say there is really nothing like it. This slow and steady walk through the country opened up our eyes and hearts to things we would never have seen any other way. The beauty of the land and the people of the many regions of Spain came alive to us. By walking slowly we were able to really get closer to the land and the people and see it in a much deeper way.

When you travel fast through an area you miss so much you would only see if you are going slowly. With Terri’s injury to her ankle we were walking rather slowly through much of the last half of the Camino. This was a blessing in disguise as we had more time to see the real beauty of the landscapes around us. You get to use your imagination as you relax. Hiking quickly through an area can also rob on of the time to feel and see the true beauty of the land. It is like the cows, you need to “chew the cud” over and over to get to the deeper look and feel of the landscapes.

I highly recommend trying this if you have not done it before. Slow down and really soak it all in!