Take Delight

by johnandterri

20141001-Maza-Astor-01 Pano-30x10

One of the best things about being retired has been being able to be a full time grandparent. One month after I retired last year, we were delighted to welcome our first grandchild, Katherine Michelle Mulvaney, into our lives. Terri and I have the best job in the world now as we take care of Kay two days a week! We both take full delight in our time with “Baby Kay”.

To “take delight” is a great action verb. Walking the Camino de Santiago is a long and difficult journey but I would dare say that we did “take delight” along the way of many things that brought us joy. For sure, taking off our boots at the end of our long day of walking was right up there on the “delight meter”. I know we experienced some amazing and beautiful sunrises together that were a true delight to witness. Some of meals we shared with fellow pilgrims, telling our “Camino stories”, were also a joyful and laughter-filled time. In reflecting back on the Camino, I could list many other examples of times and places we were truly delighted.

I realize that life is not all filled with these moments of delight but I do believe that we can “take delight” in many things in our lives that we may simply pass by on autopilot. We miss those moments. It takes a certain approach and awareness to be open to those moments that are delightful. So “take delight”! Don’t let those special moments pass you by!



P.S. I decided I would include my pano of the week in my Camino Blog posting rather than having a separate blog posting for the pano of the week.

Pano of the Week

This week’s pano was during a portion of our walking directly on the highway. Not a favorite place to walk but at least there were very few cars traveling along it and it was not a long section. As we passed along my “photographer’s eye” was draw to the backlighting of these trees growing alongside the highway. I had an idea it might work well once I had some time with the images in the “digital darkroom”.

Highway Tree Delight

20141005-Ponf-Traba-09 Panorama-20x10