Having Patience With Each Other

by johnandterri

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I have been a “quote collector” for a number of years. Whenever I come across something that strikes me as profound or important to remember, I save it in my “quotes file”. Over the years I have built up a large catalog of quotes and sayings. I wanted to share with you one today that I hope you also find helpful. It definitely was important to remember during our Camino walk.

This is the quote from a USA Today article written in 2012 by Judith Valente about her experience in a visit she made to a Benedictine monastery.

“I began to see how monastic practices could have practical application in my own professional life. In the past, whenever sisters were assigned to work together on a project, they would bow to each other and say, “Have patience with me”. I often think how much more pleasant my work day would be if, setting out to report a story for PBS, I bowed to my producer, bowed to the camera person and the audio technician, and they to me, and we asked each other to please have patience with our human frailties.”

During the Camino walk, we were faced with some very tight quarters in the “hostel like” Alberques where we spent the night. There often was very little privacy or space in some of the Alberques. Needless to say, it was very important to have patience with each other as we all shared a small space together. I would say on the whole, most of the Camino pilgrims were very patient with each other. Maybe it was because we were all facing the same challenges each day and had a shared destiny.

I believe that having patience with each other does not come naturally, yet what a difference it can make in our relationships if we all practiced it more! We all face situations regularly that test our patience. Maybe next  time we should bow and ask each other for patience with each other!



Pano of the Week

This week’s pano was taken in the last region of Spain that we walked through called Galacia.

Entering Galacia

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