Leaving To Wander

by johnandterri

20140930-Leon-Maza-34 Panorama-25x12

We read a couple books on the Camino de Santiago walk before we set off to walk it, to get some idea of what we were getting into. Reading the following quotes from the book “The Way of the Stars” by Robert Sibley has a bit more meaning to us now.

“To be a pilgrim is to leave community and wander off across the cultivated fields in wild and foreign lands.” “The Way Of The Stars” (Robert Sibley)

Terri and I had never attempted an adventure like this before, where we left our our home, family and community for such a long time to walk through Spain’s  “cultivated fields”. It is interesting that reading about something like the Camino and doing it are really such different experiences. We really did get quite a “pilgrim experience” that we could never get by reading about it.

I have written about so many of our Camino experiences on this blog. I think for those of you that have followed this Camino blog have a good idea of some of the lessons we learned. They could not have been learned by reading more Camino walk books only by walking it.

“Sometimes you have to act before you know the meaning of your actions. The knowing comes after the doing” (Thomas Merton)

There is real value in leaving our community and wandering off across “cultivated fields in wild and foreign lands”.



Camino Pano of the Week

Muxia Storming

20141015-Finesterre-13 Panorama-25x10

The majority of the Camino pilgrims end their walk at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. Some of the pilgrims continue walking 3 more days to the ocean on the west coast of Spain. We decided to take a tour bus to the ocean. This panoramic is from a storming day at the coastal city called Muxia.