Walking A Mile In Their Mocassins

by johnandterri


The other day I was thinking about the quote that says you need to  “walk a mile in his moccasins” before you judge the that other person. I have always liked this quote because it is such a great way to remind ourselves about the truth that we really don’t know what others are going through unless we have spent time in their “skin” and walked around in it. In fact, I understand that the famous author, Lee Harper was inspired by this quote when she wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird”. The quote from the book goes like this:

“You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

During our Camino walk, Terri and I  often felt very tired and had a lot of pain in our feet and joints. We experienced cramped quarters and lack of sleep. Maybe in our experiences and emotions of this walk we might have had just a small glimpse of what the millions of refugees are experiencing as they flee from their war torn countries.

“Surprisingly, the ability to empathize with others is relative to a person’s capacity to identify, feel and understand their own feelings and thereby being able to project one’s feelings onto others. This means in turn that it becomes complicated at times to understand what a person is undergoing, if you haven’t undergone it for yourself – or at least felt similar feelings.”

This got me thinking about the article I read this past week in the New York Times regarding how the Canadians are responding to the refugee crisis. I found this story to be very inspiring. Talk about empathy in action. They really get it!

Canadians stand apart in their warm embrace of refugees

May our great nation, as we are about to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow, show more empathy and compassion for others like our friendly neighbors to the north have shown to the refugees!



Photograph of the Week

Mt St Helen’s Returns To Life

This past week I went hiking to Mt St Helen’s, my very first visit to the mountain, believe it our not. Not sure why it took me so long. I was so very impressed with how life has found a way to return. The mountain was alive with wildflowers and green.This image came out even better than I thought. I feel I was able to really capture the amazing beauty of the mountain.