A Listening Heart, A Peaceful Spirit and a Ready Will

by johnandterri

160712-chihuly-35-Listening Heart

What can I do? How should I respond with all the violence and racial division in our country? The words I have included in the photo above are ones I read recently and have been bouncing around in my heart and head now for a week.

In our long Camino walk time we had time to reflect a lot on our lives. I know a lot of folks that walk the Camino come to “clear out their heads” from a lot of the things going on in their lives. One of the best films we have seen on the Camino walk is called “Six Ways to Santiago”. It is a documentary following the six groups of hikers that are walking the Camino. One of the women walking the Camino is from Brazil and her life has been a mess and she is trying to straighten herself out. She decides that walking the Camino will be her “medicine” and she indeed is a much changed person internally by the end. I would say she has even developed that “listening heart, peaceful spirit and ready will” by the end of the walk.

I pray for our world to have more of a “listening heart, and peaceful spirit and a ready will”.


P.S. I highly recommend watching this Camino documentary! It can be watched online and is available on Amazon video, utube and vudu. Here is a link to the trailer “Six Ways To Santiago“.

Photograph of the Week

Eruption Renewed

I had so much fun on my Mt St Helen’s hike to Harry’s Ridge, I had to include this image. Having fun with your camera is important to staying creative. This is my visioning of the renewal of the volcanic eruption again using a zoom blur camera technique.