The pain passes, but the beauty remains

by johnandterri

150323-Sauer Mt-5-Renoir

The famous painter, August Renoir, was crippled with arthritis for the last 20 years of his life yet he continued to paint when it meant that he had to have the paintbrush tied to his hand as well as getting some assistance to help him to move from one position to the next. When asked why he kept torturing himself in this way. He famously answered, “The pain passes, but the beauty remains”.

This quote just stuck with me the moment I read it. It is very profound and filled with meaning. I was thinking how it applies to so many aspects of life.

The recent birth of our second granddaughter, certainly brought this to mind as our daughter, Julia, gave birth naturally to her daughter, Freya. The pain eventually did pass but, oh how beautiful is that little baby! I was also thinking of her as she and her husband, Paul, are in the “sleepless in Seattle” mode right now. Baby Freya is hungry and needs her regular feedings every 2 to 3 hours. Definitely there is pain in the lack of sleep but oh, the beauty of a healthy newborn baby!. In fact, all parenting is like this, part pain of doing the right thing for them and sacrificing to give them the best  and hold them to  be the best, knowing that there is a purpose, to see them grow into the healthy and beautiful person they were meant to be!

Walking the Camino de Santiago, was certainly filled with pain and indeed the pain did pass (although for Terri it lingered longer with her injuries), but there was also the beauty of it that has also endured. As I have mentioned, before in past blog articles, both Terri and I have never regretted walking the Camino. It gave us such an appreciation of so many of things in life and what is really important. In writing this blog, for almost 2 years now,  the “beauty of the Camino” has been revealed to me more and more!

There is a hidden mystery often in the pain we endure, if we believe in the beauty that is being made and will remain!



P.S. Image in this blog was my “tribute” to Renoir from a photo I took last year on a hike to Sauer Mountain.

Photograph of the Week

Full Moon Rising

Taken during a camping trip to Lake Osoyoos. I used my Nikon Superzoom camera to capture the moon rise over the distant tree-filled hillside. I utilized my creative processing tools to make this final image.