A Work In Progress

by johnandterri

160901-Glascow Cathedral Blue Glass

Yesterday we went to the birthplace of Glasgow, the Glasgow Cathedral. The first church was built here in the 7th century was founded by a Scottish monk and mythical founder of Glasgow who established the first wooden church on this spot and gave Glasgow its name.

I always love going through the great Cathedrals of  Europe. They inspire me. I love the stain glass windows in them. The photo I made for this blog was from one of the windows in the church.

This window tells of the parable of the Sower and the Seed. In this parable there is a Sower of Seed that plants seeds in all types of soil conditions (hard ground, rocky ground and good soil) and the growth of the plants from seed to full maturity  was affected by many different obstacles (birds eating the seed and weeds choking the plants). The seeds planted on good soil and watered and looked after are the ones that make it to full maturity.

As many of you know, Terri and I attend our church regularly. One of the reasons I do is I want to become the “best person God has made me to be” and to grow to full maturity like the seed planted in the good soil and tended to carefully. I have found that in participating in the life of a church family I am nourished and feed and helped to be that person that God has made me to be. You see I am always “a work in progress”.

I will leave you with this great quote from the book I am presently reading that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog (Falling Upward), that I think you might also enjoy and be inspired by.

“I believe that God gives our soul, our deepest identity, our True Self, our unique blueprint, at our “immaculate conception”. Our unique little bit of heaven is installed by the Manufacturer with the product, at the beginning. We are given a span of years to discover it, to choose it, and to live our own destiny to the full.”