Color, Light, Line, Texture and Pattern

by johnandterri

160904-Travel to Oban - Fuji-94_5_6_Painterly-glow-1

I am a real nut about textures and line and textures and patterns. My “photographic eye” sees through my “textures, lines and patterns” mind’ eye. I know that this is a key element of photography.

We had a visit today to a most amazing house built by Scotland’s greatest architect, Charles Rene McIntosh. This home he built was quite unique for its time as it was the opposite of the ornate and complex Victorian style architecture. What made this home so unique was his simple yet very thoughtful designs focused on lines, textures, patterns, color and light. The home was also very functional and in fact two families lived and raised their families in the home.

I was walking along the bay here in the town of Oban (we are heading up to Northern Scotland now) last night and found this lovely scene that you see in the photo with this blog. I included it because it includes all the key elements of a great photograph, I believe. Color, line, texture, pattern and light.

I hope you enjoy this as well!