Shaped By Social Networks

by johnandterri


We had the opportunity to visit the humble home and museum of the great Scotland poet, Robert Burns. He is the national poet of Scotland and was and still is today revered for his poetry and lyrics (he wrote Auld Lang Syne). There are special “Burns Supper’s” celebrated in his honor every year on his birthday (January 25th).

In learning about Robert Burns at the museum we visited, I saw something that made me pause and think. Over his short life span (37 years), he had over 200 friends and he wrote over 700 letters. He was shaped my his upbringing and education but also by his network of friends. We are all shaped by the people in our lives.

I believe creating and maintaining friendships is a key to a healthy and vibrant life. That is why when we make a big transition in our lives, like graduation from high school or college or moving to a new city, it is so important to continue to grow new networks of friends. I can especially see this danger when we retire.

Robert Burns was a most interesting and imaginative man and made a huge impact on many people in the world and continues to with his poetry. Let us all remember how important it is to grow and to maintain our friendships!



Photograph of the Week (from Scotland, of course)

Scotland’s Highland’s Are Calling

The Highlands of Scotland have amazing history, culture and beauty. It was quite interesting to get to this spot to photograph this scene. Lots of wet, wet and very long grasses with mud and water everywhere!