Giant’s Causeway – Loved To Death

by johnandterri


Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway at the far northern end of Ireland, is a sight to behold! I made the image shown in this blog from today’s visit to the Giant’s Causeway. I can say very simply that it is the most beautiful and unique seascape area we have ever seen. We simple could not stop saying “wow”, everytime we came to a new area to view. It was our “Wow day” for sure. Just blew us both away! Ireland has not disappointed us so far. We have been here now two days and I have had some amazing photographic opportunities.

The thing about today, though, was how many people we were with today! There were so many folks “loving on” on this most beautiful area of the world. We heard and saw people from what seemed like almost every corner of the globe. You could hardly walk the pathways there were so many folks there today. I wonder what it would be like on a summer weekend day! I had a heck of a time trying to make a photograph without people in it. (The photo above has people in it they are just way back in the distance).

It came to me this evening, that this is an area of the world that is getting “loved to death”. People come from far and wide because the raw beauty of this area is something else. I just hope it can stay intact and not get destroyed from  overuse.

This always the way it is it seems to me. We are attracted to a place like this and we all just want to go there and see it and yet somehow we still need to protect it from getting damaged from overuse. That being said, you should all put this on “your bucket list”. A truly amazing natural seascape beauty!



Oh, Ireland!

This photo is taken of the coastline of Northern Ireland on what is called the Antrim Coast. Stunning seascapes!