The Skelligs – The Grandeur of God

by johnandterri

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“The world is charged with the grandeur of God.” Gerard Manley Hopkins

This quote came is what came to my mind this morning as we awaited for our boat ride to Skellig Michael island. I realized when we got back home safe to our B&B that this was indeed the right words for the day.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we got to do today as we had a 50/50 chance that we would not be able to make it due to the weather and seas. We both had figured there was no chance when we woke and saw the weather forecast was for rain and wind all day but we got a pleasant surprise, the boats to the Skelligs were running today!

This was my first experience on open and rough seas and I found it very invigorating (I loved the spray of the Atlantic on my face for some strange reason). Maybe in connected me to some long past relative, who knows. It was all so new and different and just a little scary.

Soon, we had our safety briefing and we were off climbing in a stiff wind the 600 vertical feet of uneven steps to the Irish monk monastery located at the top of the island rock. The views around you were simply astounding and I definitely could feel the “grandeur of God” all about me.

This is a very special place of history in the world for sure as this monastery was built in year 500 BC by the Irish monks and they lived there for 5 centuries! The stone beehive huts and stairs are still there just as they left them. There is so little that lasts very long in this world and Skellig Michael is bucking the odds it seems.

Those Irish monks came over 1500 years ago seeking to be closer to the “edge of the world” and to feel the “grandeur of God”. Near as I can tell they found it!




Here is a video of Terri reaching near the area near the top called “Christ’s saddle”. It is where the final scene of the last Star Wars movie was filmed as the Luke Skywalker is found on the top of this remote island.

Terri arriving at “Christ’s Saddle”