Small Details Matter

by johnandterri

Small details matter when you talking about quality and things that last. That is the thought that came to my mind this evening as I was looking back at some of the photos from the last two days of some of travel. The two images were one of a restaurant we ate lunch and dinner at in Dingle and the other was the ancient beehive stone huts.

The restaurant in Southwest Ireland in the town of Dingle, was called “Out of the Blue”160925-dingle-tour-55

They have a motto “either fresh or still alive” for their seafood. What stood made this great Seafood restaurant stand out was there attention to detail. The seafood was to die for and was so fresh and cooked to perfection but also the sides of the dish were so thoughtfully selected and perfectly prepared. As Terri pointed out, the sides of a main dish are often just an “after thought” with little attention to their selection or preparation. Attention to the small details can really make a huge difference in the quality! We are so glad we found this little out of the way little restaurant as they were a good reminder of this truth.


The other image I mentioned that caused me to think about the importance of details was the amazing design and construction of the ancient stone beehive huts of Ireland built, in some cases, over 1500 years ago. The ones we have visited all remain intact just as they were constructed. The used a stone building technique called “corbelling”. It required amazing patience and attention to details as each stone was carefully selected and chiseled and placed in just the right position so the final beehive hut would provide shelter against the very tough Ireland climate and they continue to stand to this day just as strong. Truly and amazing engineering and craftsmanship feat.

There is no substitute it seems to me if you are interested in quality or things that last, you  have to pay attention to the small details!