A Hard Scrabble Life

by johnandterri


We recently visited, Inis Mor island, it is located 7 miles off the west coast of Ireland near Galway. The island has about 850 people living on it and has 2 primary schools and one secondary school. As seen in this photo below the landscape is quite barren as the island surface is mostly limestone rock similar to the region nearby called the Burren. We visited the Burren and I thought the area looked like a alien planet surface. (check out this photo I made from our visit to the Burren – Out of this World)



What is amazing to think about is that this island they believe has been inhabited by man since about year 3000 BC. The island has a number of “ring forts” that date from year 500 BC. Carving out a life on this remote island by living off the sea and the land is not easy by any means! The thought that kept coming to me was the word “hard scrabble life”, these folks sure know what this means.

The method they used to build up a bit of soil on which to grow plants was to haul seaweed and layer it with sand and then turn back into the soil the plants after harvesting. It made me think of the movie, “The Martian” with Matt Damon growing potatoes from the recycled waste. Hard work and ingenuity.


I think it is such a good reminder for us all about the key ingredients to success in anything we do. Be consistent, work hard and work smart.

Like Cal Ripken, Sr said about his son when asked about the record he broke for consecutive games played:

“What all this is about is a man going to work to do his job.”



Photograph of Ireland

Amazing Ireland – Full of Beauty

This is photo was made on our visit to the ancient ring fort on the island of Inis Mor. I love the way the huge wave crashing up on the wall is a mirror of the beautiful clouds above.