Gratitude and Envy

by johnandterri


” Envy will poke the eyes out of gratitude”

I was listening to a Jeff Cavins podcast on envy, the other day, and he used this quote that really got my attention. I thought it was a powerful reminder on the negative consequences in our lives when we are full of envy. Envy puts our focus on what we don’t have and not on what we have. Gratitude puts our focus on what we do have.

Gratitude for what we have, now that is definitely what we experienced in walking the Camino. The long walk helped us pull away from all the normal attachments and comforts of life and got you back to the basics. It allowed us time to reflect more our lives and the many gifts in our lives.

Terri and I recently took a course on aging that drew our attention, to studies done on the powerful relationship of health and well-being with gratitude. Being grateful is an opener to many locked up blessings. It is a great practice to start a gratitude journal. I know I did after taking this class.

Yet how easy it can be to “poke the eyes”  out of gratitude when we become envious. I saw this when I was working at Boeing. One co-worker envious of another due to a promotion they thought they should have got or a raise they felt they deserved over another.  Envy damages relationships, disrupts teams, and undermines organizational performance. Some people become so fixated on a rival that they lose their focus on their own performance. We will never be happy if we are filled with envy.  Envy eats our bones up as it focus on what we don’t have and makes us sad and unhappy and ungrateful.  Good luck for having a happy life if you spend your time on what you don’t have and envious of others.

Gratitude for what we have, now that is the key. For all is gift.

I know at times I struggle with envy of others (especially in my strong competitive and pridefulness around my sports teams). It is not attractive.

Let’s all take a long look at ourselves and get rid of those “envy eyes” that are keeping us from being truly grateful for all we have.

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week


Found this great quote on gratitude and used an photo from the Skyline Trail on Mt Rainier work with it.