Avoiding Distraction – Take Control Back

by johnandterri



(Image from Google – The Odyssey Online)

Walking the Camino was a great way to clear out your mind from the myriad of distractions that happen throughout our days. Some of these distractions are of our own making, though. It seems we are living in “the Golden Era of distraction”. This is a link to an excellent blog on how to conquer distractions that are harmful to us.

I recently realized that I am falling into the “distraction trap” with my smart phone. It happens so easily you hardly even know it is happening to you. What happens to me is I find that I am hooked into constantly filling in any spare moments looking at my smart phone to find out what is happening with friends and the world. I am an avid reader these days using a great new website called Medium I find I am filling up every spare moment reading these great, new and interesting new blog articles. I realized I am need of a “little fixing up” if I am going to live more purposefully.

“Distractions trick us into hurting ourselves by dulling our awareness of the price we’re paying. They feel good now, but we feel bad later.” (Nir Eyal, August 4th blog, Conquer Distractions With This Simple Chart)

I realized much like the advice I gave in the blog called “Letting My Mind Wander“, I am missing out as well on some important “down time”. It is ok to be a little bit bored. It is ok to let my mind wander. It does lead to more creativity and better decision making (another excellent blog article by Sebastian Lindemann, covers this issue well). It got me thinking on how important it is to take time off (give your mind a mental rest, a Sabbath). It is important to your health!

I know how important it is to unhook myself from this constant filling up of the void. This blog article I found very helpful (I stopped checking Facebook for a year without deleting the app. Here’s what I learned.). This video is also very good and provides some excellent ideas on how to take control back from distractions  (Un-hooked: Increasing Focus in the age of Distraction).

I decided to take control back. I am motivated to make this change and will be embarking on this journey. I suspect there is a few others that are facing this same issue and you might also want to consider taking back control.

I hope this all helps to those like me that are finding this a problem.

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

Salt Creek Beach

This image was created from a photograph taken of beach debris at Tongue Point on the Strait of Juan de Fuca at Salt Creek Campground.