Turn To The Suffering Ones

by johnandterri


“When people turn toward the suffering ones in their midst, the entire community is transformed.”  Xavier Le Picho

There is no question, when you walk 500 miles there is some suffering that goes with walking that far. Terri was a real hero, as she was definitely suffering, with the stress fractures she developed during the walk. She was in pain for a good portion of the walk. She suffered and endured the pain and she was not alone. We saw so many pilgrims with injuries that just kept going and some sustained injuries, so bad, they were not able to continue and had to end their walk early.

It is amazing how close one draws to the other pilgrim walkers during this walk. I wonder, if it is the suffering that is shared that draws you closer. I guess that is why I liked the quote above, because it got me thinking about the suffering of those in our midst today.

I had a very intense experience this past summer of helping a friend that is very broken physically, emotionally and mentally and is also homeless. He suffers greatly. I did my very best to walk with him in his suffering. I tried my best not to put my expectations on him but simply “to turn to him in his suffering” and help him in the smallest ways I could. I can tell you I have been transformed in a very good way by this experience. I have a much deeper compassion and understanding for the poor and especially the homeless. My relationship with my friend has been changed and I can say we are now truly “brothers”.

We all have opportunities to turn to those around us who are suffering and to walk with them. It is not an easy walk but I can tell you it will transform you into a better place.

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain National Park is truly a treasure of a National Park. I captured this image during the drive from Estes Park to the 12,000 ft high point. I fell in love with the boulders and rocks of Rocky Mountain Park. I loved this formation in the foreground.