Change Often – Silence is Golden

by johnandterri


“In a higher world it is otherwise, but here below to live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.” Blessed John Henry Newman

I have always liked this quote, I guess because it reminds me, of how important it is to be open to changes, especially changes within myself that make me a “better version of myself”.

Walking the Camino, I believe, certainly offers opportunities for a lot of reflection on one’s life and changes that you might want to work on when the walk is over. As it turned out, we walked the Camino just after I retired in March of 2014, which provided some “fertile ground” to reflect on life after “Boeing”.

During the silence of the walk, I was able to process better what I envisioned life might look like for me after retirement. I was renewed and excited to get started once we returned. Since returning I have become completely engaged with family (taking care of our grandchildren two days a week), hiking once a week (year round), extended travel to some beautiful parts of the world, as well engaging and volunteering with different Church ministries. I really do love the fact that I am able to say “yes” more often to new opportunities. It is truly one of the blessings of being retired.

We all have opportunities that come our way, that challenge us to come out of our “comfort zone”, and move us closer to being the “best version of ourselves”. I believe that, the times we are most likely to reflect on changes to our life or the direction we are going, is in silence. The Camino surely provided that for us.

So, I will end this blog today, with this quote I read the other day to help us all remember that “silence can indeed be golden” and wonderful fertile ground for changes.

“the more chaotic our life becomes, the more we need to balance it with silence.”  Saint Bruno (1030-1101)

Blessings to your all,


Photograph of the Week

Silence is Golden

I captured this image during a hike to the North Cascades Pass area, in early October, at the height of the fall Larch tree color change. My friend Brenda Reeves, is in the foreground and my other good friend, Bob Maier, is resting behind the big rock (not seen). A truly wonderful spot to soak in the beauty of the mountains and partake in some silent time together.