Camino Country Quiet

by johnandterri

One of the things that has surprised Terri and I has how we have come to love the beauty and quiet of “the Camino country”. We have spent a large part of this past 3 or 4 weeks walking in the rural countryside away from any cities. Although we have walked through and spent time in some of the big cities, the large majority of our time has been in the rural or mountain countryside.

Both Terri and I were raised in big cities although we both love spending time in the country or mountain settings. We love the city and we love our time we get in the country too. This “Camino Walk” has us thinking though on the proper balance between these two loves. What we have both noticed is how “noisy and fast” the city is over the country. Today we walked from the foothills of a beautiful mountain range into a big city (Ponferrada). The contrasts were so real and we found we really love the quiet and beauty of the country. We find we are not as excited to get into the big city now and we want to return back quickly into the rural countryside.

I'm don't see Terri and I changing and moving to the country but I can see us finding our way out into the rural settings more than we do today. The Camino has affected both of us in this way.

Buen Camino!

John and Terri